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How Secure are Roller Garage Doors?

Are roller garage doors secure? Over the years we have been asked many questions about our garage doors, one subject that crops up regularly is that of security. In our experience, our doors are highly secure this is due to several inbuilt safety features. Our doors are made using the best materials this includes the […]

How Do Roller Shutters Work

The roller shutters we install are interconnected insulated strips of double layered aluminium. Roller shutters not only look great when installed they also act as a deterrent offering greater protection against would-be intruders. Roller shutters work by sliding or rolling up and down through tracks (these are also referred to as guide channels) when rolled […]

How To Lubricate Roller Garage Doors

Sometimes we receive a call from customer who believes their roller door is on the cusp of breaking down often the conversation will revolve around the fact that their roller door is sticking, and they are having a difficult job opening and shutting their roller doors. Typically all the door requires is lubricating as with […]